Friday, September 17, 2010

Cupcake making - no fuss, no mess!

I thought I would share the method I use for cupcake batter - the transfer of batter from the bowl to the actual cupcake liner.  I have tried MANY methods over the years, and this method, I personally find to be the easiest.  It might make it easier for you, too if you struggle with gooey drops of batter on your cupcake pan. . .

I use gallon size bags - the kind that comes with a handy tie.  I recycled an old plastic juice container by cutting off the top 2 inches or so - to give me a rectangular shaped container.

I drape the plastic bag over the cut up juice container.  Much like one is putting a trash liner in a garbage can. 

Then fill with batter.

Tie a knot on the open end of the bag.

Smoosh the contents of the bag away from a corner. 

Snip a teensy bit of the corner off.  You can always cut more but you can't undo a huge opening.  Smaller is better in this case. 

Use the bag much like you'd use a pastry bag with filling to fill the compartments.  Look, no mess!  :)

When the bag is empty, just toss the bag (or rinse and recycle appropriately).  Hope this tip is helpful to someone.  :)

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