Saturday, July 31, 2010

Deviled Eggs

18-20 eggs, hard boiled*

1 cup mayo
3-4 teaspoons mustard, prepared - whatever kind you prefer (Dijon, spicy, golden, etc)
3 teaspoons vinegar (again, your favorite - i've used white distilled, white wine, etc)

then add in to taste:
pepper, (black or white)

optional additions - add none, some, or all - or create your own!
Parmesan cheese
parsley, chopped finely
onion powder
garlic powder

*hard boiled eggs - i cook them easily by putting in a pan, putting cold water on top of eggs (eggs are single layer), adding a generous splash of white distilled vinegar, then when eggs come to a boil, turn off burner, cover eggs and set timer for 15 minutes. when timer goes off, bring eggs to sink and run cold water over them til they're cool to touch. The vinegar makes the eggs peel easily.

to make deviled eggs

simply peel every egg and cut egg in half lengthwise. scoop out the yolk carefully with a spoon and a slight pinching of egg into a small bowl.

Mix the ingredients together and then put all mixture into a pastry bag with a large-ish tip - i use a star tip. Pipe into each egg white - filling up the cavity. i think it is easier with a pastry bag than to use a spoon - but the end result is the same - a yummy deviled egg.

my kids eat these like there's no tomorrow. (hence why i cook up quite a few at a time - 20 eggs is all that fits in my pan single layer).

It's a great summer treat and not much work involved in the kitchen.

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  1. We make them by stuffing the eggs and then tapping paprika out of the shaker top, over the yolk filling and the cut surface of the egg white. Really pretty that way!