Saturday, July 31, 2010

Potato Soup

Potatoes, peeled, diced
onion (red, yellow, whatever you have), diced
carrots, peeled, julienne strips
green pepper, diced
garlic, lots and lots of garlic, diced/minced whatever you want to do
veggie broth
chicken broth
meat (if you have meat eating folks)
stick of butter
can of evaporated milk
parsley flakes or fresh, chopped
pepper, black

I literally just start chopping up veggies and tossing them in til crockpot is full. then find a meat - tonight i'm throwing a cooked sausage in sliced (bacon, ham, etc all yummy in here - very forgiving recipe) (this is good as a meat free dish, but my husband prefers meat in soups/stews/etc. . . )

I keep homemade veggie broth and chicken broth in my freezer - today i decided to put in 2 cups of each - they're frozen solid - on top of meat & veggies the broth'lll thaw and heat up nicely by dinner and make a nice soup. .. . (alum foil on top of lid will hold lid down til the broth thaws enough to have lid make contact with crock.)

put all ingredients except the evaporated milk in crockpot. (the evaporated milk I put in about an hour or so before I plan on serving dinner).

cook on low all day.


Guaranteed to fill hungry bellies and fill the house with yummy smells. :) (and butter makes everything really rich tasting! :) )

I do not know amounts, I just dump in stuff til I am happy. Really no wrong amounts - soups are usually real forgiving. :)

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